37. Angela Stewart (WA)

4 April, 2022


The Rider

Oil on cibachrome archival photographic paper, 122 x 101cm



Artist Statement

In the cyclic nature of grief
Of a death
Expected or unexpected
Is an intensification of being
In the silence
The loss
The love
The helplessness.

A drawing of a horse emerges
Drawn from imagination
Urgent, vital, thrusting …
An image in oil on shining black paper
Echoing archaic processes,
Our memories reimagined in constant motion.
The pasts, present and futures coalesce.
In an ebb and flow of noise, thoughts and emotions, an essence…

The horse
The rider
My son

About the artist

Angela Stewart interest in portraiture of three decades led her to study its history and its contemporary practice in her Doctorate at Curtin University (2011). The notion of ‘artistic doubt’ influenced Stewart’s oeuvre. Her desire is to roll back the veneer of the finished artwork and imagine signs of hesitation and mistakes to unlace the becoming of a portrait. Her work suggests details of imaginary narrative, slippages of a forensic trail that may or may not lead to a portrayal.

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37. Angela Stewart (WA)

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