4. Olga Cironis (WA)

12 March, 2021



Hair, steel and cotton thread
20 x 22 x 30cm

Artist Statement

“Holding is a work made over a year, from many hours of stitching human hair into a garland based on the woven crown of thorns worn by Jesus. Hair holds human DNA and, symbolically, our desires and experiences. This crown represents the lightness of life, the joy of connection, and the beauty of love. Referencing Micah 6:8, it metaphorically holds the human traits of justice and of kindness to each other and to our natural environment. The hair used in the piece has been donated from people from around the world who wished to share their story and a desire for unity. The stitching work was process-driven and meditative, with the end result instinctually driven. This crown carries our human desire to survive and to love freely.”

This artwork has been sold



Olga Cironis explores notions of identity and belonging. From a strong migrant feminist foundation she searches for different ideas by highlighting cultural and social norms. Her art practice has been described as ‘a poetic expression of the spiritual and physical spaces between bodies.’ Often inviting public participation and the sharing of stories, Cironis succeeds in eliciting further exploration from the viewer, to reflect and to question our own place in the world. An established multidisciplinary artist with a practice spanning over 30 years, her work is featured in numerous public and private collections nationally and internationally.

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