39. Paul Uhlmann (WA)

4 April, 2022



Oil on linen, diptych, 56 x 36cm x 2



Artist Statement

“Latin text is inscribed on each panel; on the left a key perception from the philosopher Spinoza translates as ‘god or nature.’ Within this worldview, the divine is within all things and humanity is deeply intermeshed within nature. The right panel quotes from mystic Robert Fludd; imagining the universe before creation he envisaged a black square which expressed infinity – a form of pure consciousness. My aim expresses pure-potential where all possible forms of life are ceaselessly evolving.”

About the artist

Paul Uhlmann studied art in Australia and Europe. He works across painting, drawing and artists books to create work which focuses on the forming and deforming image, in relation to place, process, impermanence and embodiment. His work is held in collections nationally, such as the National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Australian National University, University of Western Australia, Monash University and Wesfarmers.

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39. Paul Uhlmann (WA)

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