40. Shaun Wake-Mazey (WA)

4 April, 2022


Light to the Nations

Oil on plywood, 114 x 122cm



Artist Statement

“This work is an encounter with the light of God. Bombarded by light, it reconnects us with hope and love in times of darkness. Indicating an awareness into the mysteries of the universe, the work alludes to the Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy, bathed in light promising renewal and transformation out of the darkness.
It references the Christian symbol of a Monstrance – a vessel to show the blessed sacrament and renewal which spiritually transforms our souls and gives us new hope.”

About the artist

Shaun Wake-Mazey is a painter who combines both abstract and figurative elements in his work. His works have a haunting specral quality due both to the nocturnal mood of their dark sonorous colours and the way he so frequently isolates threatening emblems and symbols against them. He has been a practicing artist for over 40 years and in 2012 was the recipient of a Double Lung Transplant which informs his work to this day. Through his own renewal he connects well with the theme of Metamorphosis.

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40. Shaun Wake-Mazey (WA)

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