41. Kirilee West (Qld)

4 April, 2022



Oil on panel, 43 x 60cm


Winner People’s Choice


Artist Statement

“There is an almost palpable sense of fatigue and burnout within hospitals right now that feels arid and unending. I feel it when I walk within these walls. We move together in spaces of care and bear witness to the life and death of those whose care we are entrusted with. We journey together amidst our efforts to find compassion and a sense of healing. And yet it’s in these small moments that I can see that all along, we were standing together, immersed; covered by rivers in the desert.”

About the artist

Kirilee West is a self-taught artist and has been a Registered Nurse for over 13 years. Working in oil and charcoal, her portraiture and figurative work emphasises connection and emotion, capturing brief but poignant moments in time. She has recently explored the intersection of art and medicine through research and used portraiture to share staff experiences in hospitals. She deeply values art’s ability to convey narrative in a way that moves beyond language and educational barriers.

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41. Kirilee West (Qld) Winner People’s Choice

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