5. Barbara Campbell-Allen (NSW)

3 April, 2022



Wood-fired stoneware, 71 x 35cm



Artist Statement

“My work is a contemporary interpretation of the landform contrasts of central Australia. I am exploring the processes that give change to their form. The landscape is slowly being sculpted by the forces of wind and water, exposing things once hidden, with erosion creating new forms. Using the unique natural glaze effects found in long wood firing, I am able to create work that distills the essence of these environments. Murmurs expresses a hope for renewal emerging from the forces of change.”

About the artist

Barbara Campbell-Allen is an artist working in the subtle world of wood fired ceramics inspired by journeys in wild Australian landscapes. Trained at the National Art School and later at Monash University, she holds a MA (Visual Arts). Her work is widely exhibited, published and collected in regional galleries and private collections in Australia and overseas. She was president of the Australian Ceramic Association in 2005-06 and awarded an OAM for contributions to the ceramic community in 2019.

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5. Barbara Campbell-Allen (NSW)

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