6. Emilio Cresciani (NSW)

12 March, 2021


Outflow #1

Inkjet print
30 x 30 cms

Artist Statement

“Oil slicks on roads after rain – an everyday event. The optical phenomenon of oil, water and light highlights, in an abstract way, Micah’s call. Waste oil drips from car engines onto our roads. After rains, it floats on top of puddles. Each colour of light has a different wavelength, the oil slick a varying depth, thus producing a spectrum of colours. The grey fissures represent injustices of the world, the rainbow God’s mercy. We all know our love of fossil fuels is driving climate change, poisoning the land and sea. This causes great injustice, grave unkindness to the world’s poorest people, and indifference to God and his creation. Yet, our small actions can be an outflow of mercy.”

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Emerging artist Emilio Cresciani graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in 2012. His artwork explores the intersection between our modern consumer lifestyle and redundancy, waste and urban change. His interest is in objects, structures and the urban landscape, in particular the increasing number of ‘non-places’ filling our environment – waste centres, derelict service stations, road works, car parks and abandoned factories, finding beauty in these places of repulsion, neglect or obsolescence

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