6. Olga Cironis (WA)

3 April, 2022


Persephone’s Rope (2)

Human hair gifted from people around the world, 17 donated rings, wood, thread. 8 metres of hair rope, when coiled 30 x 30cm



Artist Statement

“For Persephone’s Rope people from around the world gifted locks of their hair to be braided and stitched into rope as an act of unity and love. Each length of the hair rope is made during different times over three years and linked together by 17 well-worn rings gifted by lovers, referencing our connectedness to each other and the world around us. The act of stitching and binding can be a meditative quiet time to contemplate, bless, hope and reflect, while holding together stories in history.”

About the artist

Olga Cironis is a multidisciplinary artist examining notions on belonging in 21st Century globalisation. Cironis troubles the definitions of personal and cultural identity, questioning our social, cultural and environmental connections. Her art practice includes research, interviews and shared stories that link to place as metaphor for belonging, in particular stories that have been silenced.

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6. Olga Cironic (WA)

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