8. Fiona Evans (WA)

12 March, 2021



Coloured pencils on paper
80 x 54.5 cms

Artist Statement

“Decaying bone is a reminder that death waits for us all, asking the question – ‘Has it been a lifetime well-lived?’ All God’s creation honours Him by being obedient to its created purpose. No galaxy or star, no animal or plant lives without boldly professing the majesty of God. God requires no less obedience of us. We are to do justice. We are to love mercy. And when we walk humbly with Him in complete dependence, He is well pleased. The lifetime of moss is short, often unnoticed, but God sees. And, by responding to the nourishing winter rains with vibrant and joyous life, it boldly proclaims to death, ‘I will spend my lifetime humbly obeying God. I will bring glory to my Creator.’”

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With each of her artworks, Fiona Evans attempts to accurately and quietly portray her subject so her own presence diminishes, leaving only the voice of what you are gazing at. By studying, interpreting and then magnifying a subject with as much detail and accuracy as possible, Evans aims to draw you in, very closely, so you can see for yourself the wonder and beauty hidden within the details, and to learn more about an individual piece of creation and its personal story. She believes in God the creator and that everything created bears His imprint. As an artist, her goal is to magnify creation so that God the Creator may be magnified.

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