9. Eva Fernandez (WA)

3 April, 2022


Nina robado

Photography, Edition 1/10, framed ($5,000), 150 x 100cm. Editions 2/10 – 10/10 unframed ($4,400)



Artist Statement

“Many Nyoongar children were stolen and institutionalised as a consequence of colonisation. Forcibly removed from their families by the government with the assistance of churches, children’s lives were under the control of missions. They were subjected to cruelty and lack of care and compassion. Irrespective of the attempt to assimilate and annihilate Aboriginal people, this subject is a symbol of survival, resistance, and revival. She is also a cancer survivor. The ultimate metamorphoses.”

About the artist

Fernandez’s practice is informed by dislocation from her culture and the negotiation of the space she inhabits in context to its complex history and cultural legacy of colonialism. Fernandez’s practice includes complex installations of symbolically laden objects, creating contemporary still-life’s and portraits in order to create interventions which critique ideologies of the past and present. Her works embody traces from the past that are embedded in history to unearth forgotten narratives.

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9. Eva Fernandez (WA)

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